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Collective Effervescence – How being in the right crowd at the right time can leave you in a much better place

Émile Durkheim was a sociologist who believed that large gatherings of people could lead to a form of collective thought that was both energizing and motivating. Throughout history, we have we’ve seen this happen in both positive and negative ways.

How Too Much Desk Time is as Bad for Your Health as it is for Business: Mitigating the Risk of Disease in the Workplace

What’s most interesting about this study is its ultimate conclusion: “Prolonged sedentary time was independently associated with deleterious health outcomes regardless of physical activity” (Biswas et al, 2015). That means that even if you’re a marathon runner, a frequent gym goer – or

How to Combat a Stagnant Economy with Creative, Collaborative Energy: Yes, Have More Meetings

Each meeting should be treated like a mini workshop with a clear agenda. If sales are down – the meeting should focus on why and have a brainstorming session of what can be done to change it.


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